Chancery Court

Second Chancery Court District

The Chancery judge hears special cases involving domestic/family matters including: divorce, child custody, adoption, alimony, guardianships, lunacy on commitment hearings, wills and estates of descendants.

The judge also has to handle other matters and settle disputes involving: equity, challenges to state laws, land issues, titles, contracts, emancipation, insurance settlements to minors and property disputes.

Second Chancery Court Staff of Newton, Scott and Jasper Counties

Picture of Chancery Judge Robert M Logan             Picture of Stacie Showmaker, Court Administrator              Photo of Ella J. Hardwick, Court Reporter
 Chancery Judge                      Court Administrator               Court Reporter
Judge Robert M. Logan              Stacie Shoemaker                   Ella J. Hardwick, CVR-M
(601) 627-0154                      (601) 627-0154                                                                                                                 Address   
Post Office Box 58
Newton, MS 39345

To view more information concerning 2ND District Chancery Clerk follow the link below.   

Courthouse Addresses

Newton County
92 W. Broad Street
Decatur, MS 39074
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Scott County
210 E. Second Street
Forest, MS 39074
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Jasper County
First Judicial District
1782 MS-503
Paulding, MS 39348
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Jasper County
Second Judicial District
27 8th Avenue E.
Bay Springs, MS 39422
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