Emergency Management

Newton County Emergency Management is designed to prepare, respond and recover from several types of disasters ranging from natural, man-made or technical emergencies that occur in Newton County. Newton County Emergency Management (NEMA) is a multi-function agency and responds to disasters such as: severe weather emergencies including thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods, large fires, and hazardous materials. Newton County Emergency Management office also acts as a liaison between State of Mississippi and Federal Government Agencies during the course of a disaster. Newton County Emergency Management Office also provides E-911-addresses to the incorporated areas of the county to provide an accurate 911 database for Newton County. Providing accurate location is crucial during an emergency. That is why each resident of the county should have reflective numbers on mailbox, or attached to a reflective sign at the resident. Reflective signs may be purchased at the Local EMA office located in the courthouse at Decatur. Newton County Emergency Management office is located inside the courthouse at Decatur. 92 West Broad Street Decatur, MS 39327 Monday – Friday 8: 00 AM – Noon, 1:00 – 5:00 PM office: 601-635-4301
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