Circuit Clerk

Mike Butler

Mike Butler is the newly elected Circuit Clerk of Newton County.  He was chosen to serve the county on November 8, 2011.  He has enjoyed his time as Circuit Clerk and hopes to serve for years to come. Mike is proud to say that he is a life-long resident of Newton County.  According to him, he is married to the most beautiful lady in the county, Karla Butler.  Together they have three active kids: Alex, Jayden, and Karmyn Rivers.  He is blessed to serve at Clarke Venable where he and Karla are Sunday School Teachers. Mike has volunteered and served on several community organizations:
  • Newton County Chamber of Commerce
  • Newton Rotary
  • Friends of Central Mississippi Residential Center
  • Chunky River Clean Up Project
  • American Cancer Society
He believes in God, family, and his community.

Mike Butler

P.O. Box 447
Decatur, MS 39327

 (601) 635-2368
 (601) 635-3210

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